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Gerard Williams, ‘Cultural Currency’, 2012
Plywood and bank notes (legal tender)
£ 400
Simultaneously contribute to the inherent value of the artwork in your collection! Here’s an opportunity to convert some spare cash into a new contemporary artwork, but one with a guaranteed future monetary value! Also, why not consider bringing those boring dusty financial instruments out of the vault and have them lovingly converted into art? Handel Street Projects is pleased to be able to offer ‘Cultural Currency’, a precision hand crafted limited edition. Constructed of high quality wafer thin birch plywood, each work features a selection of obscured, complete bank notes sealed within it. These are made partially visible through oval ‘windows’ showing numeric denominations only -not the currency to which these figures relate! ‘Cultural Currency’ plays with relative values: with the value of art, the value of money, with connections between culture and financial capital. Each piece is a unique variation on the theme and features complete banknotes of legal tender at the time the work was produced. Each has between 2 and 4 windows revealing the value of the notes encapsulated. Whilst the notes are loose they are also permanently sealed within the work therefore, in order to realize their monetary value, the artwork would have to be destroyed! Handel Street Projects is also pleased to offer unique commissioned extensions to ‘Cultural Currency’ , available by negotiation: Why not consider converting your share certificates, gilts, bonds etc. into an artwork whilst ensuring that you do not compromise their value as financial instruments? Large, vulgar wads of banknotes can also be lovingly housed in attractive, unique, individually hand crafted, minimalist, geometric wooden sculptural volumes!